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Double Click to see Cessna 185 Tail Dragger with Snider Speed Kit

Cessna 180 and Cessna 185 Floatplanes in Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware

DUAL AIRCRAFT EXHAUST CESSNA 180 or CESSNA 185 Many Cessna 180 or Cessna 185 have an age old technology exhaust with three into one exhaust in a short Y configuration. Our development of a new equal length dual exhaust system with a tapered anti-reversion collector and anti-reversion tubes on the down pipes will produce a stronger and smoother engine. The Teledyne Continental IO550 and IO520 engine responds well in performance increases and efficiency increases using the 3:1 collector type system. Our new Dual Exhaust System, will exit out of the newly designed carbon fiber cowl flaps, instead of the side of the cowling, thus getting rid of some drag from the side exhaust and also using some of the rearward residual thrust to help out from the dual exhaust system. At this time, the new Dual Exhaust System is in the developmental stage, and we are actively looking for pilots interested in this system for their aircraft. More Cessna Aircraft, including the Cessna 182 will be added in the future. Initially this system will be for the 1963 and newer Cessna 180 and Cessna 185 with the Teledyne Continental IO520 and IO550 engines. Please email me if you are interested in this project at We are planning on doing considerable testing before the exhaust installation to get a good base line for performance, so once the exhaust system is installed we will be able to tell you what the improvements really are. We will keep you posted as the project progresses. No pricing is available at this time, but will be comparable to the other exhaust systems available for other six cylinder installations. We will be looking forward to working with all you operators/pilots interested in this exciting project.

This website is for the promotion of safety in the operation of Seaplanes in and around the State of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and the Chesapeake Bay Area. Pilots that fly seaplanes or that are interested in flying seaplanes will like to browse this website. This site will interest all pilots flying seaplanes or pilots interested in learning to fly seaplanes. This website will be updated continually on places to go to fly seaplanes, new seaplane bases and old seaplane bases, new landing sites, closed seaplanes landing areas, seaplanes for sale and new developments for promoting seaplane safety, along with where to get fuel for your seaplane.

---------------------AIRPLANES FOR SALE -------------------------------


Equipment Specifications

Year 1979

Manufacturer Cessna

Model A185F

PRICE Amphibian $225,000 --- Tailwheel $195,000

Location Virginia/Maryland

Condition Used

Registration N4691E

General Information:

FAST TailWheel Utility Airplane with Snider Speed kit. Also GREAT Amphibian Float Plane with the best useful load of any single engine seaplane. The Best Avionics Upgrades you will see on this vintage airplane.Very affordable price for the equipment installed. The latest ASPEN Display and Garmin 530WAAS with IFR Charts on the Garmin MX-20 and Mode S Transponder for T.I.S.Traffic.

Detailed Description:

Check out all the Options, Aspen EFD Pro 1000, Garmin 530WAAS, Garmin MX-20 with IFR Charts/Taxi Diagrams, ChartView, Garmin 496 w/XM Weather KN63 DME, KR87 ADF, Hangared, Wing X Wing Extensions.


8680 Hours TT

Engine Specs

Engine TCM IO520D, 300 HP @ 2850 RPM 380 Hours SFRM


McCauley Black Max D3A34C-401-C 3-Blade 335 Hours TT Since New


Garmin/Bendix King Avionics Package

Audio Panel - PS Engineering 7000B

MFD - Garmin MX-20 with T.I.S.w/ Chartview

GPS/Nav/Com - Garmin 530W (WAAS)

ADF - Bendix/King KR87

Altitude Management System - Shadin AMS 2000

DME - Bendix/King KN63

Engine Monitor - JPI EDM 800 with Fuel Flow and MPG

Nav/Com - Bendix/King KX155A with Com Storage

Transponder - Garmin GTX 330 Mode S with T.I.S.

XM Weather - Garmin 496 with XM Weather and T.I.S.

CO Detector - CO Guardian

Avionics Master

Additional Equipment

Winterization Kit

Wing Extensions - Wing X

Strobes - Whelen Wing and Tail Strobes, separate power supplies

Pitot - Heated

TAS - True Airspeed in Aspen Display with Winds Aloft

Vents - Precise Airflow Overhead Vents

Brakes - Co-Pilot Brakes

Lights - Courtesy Lights

Igntion - Slick Start SS1001 Really Helps with Hot Starts

STC - Many More STC in the Background


White with Blue Red and Silver Stripes (Similar to C206 Paint Scheme)


Tan Leather and Cloth with Selkirk Fiberglas Side Walls


--------------------- PWC/JETSKI/WAVERUNNERS FOR SALE -------------------------------

2008 YAMAHA GP1300R FOR SALE--------(SOLD)

Equipment Specifications

Year 2008

Manufacturer YAMAHA

Model GP1300R

PRICE $7495

Location Virginia/Maryland

Condition Used


The 2008 Yamaha GP1300R – the world’s most desirable musclecraft – is a pureblooded thoroughbred born of the unending challenge of achieving competitive excellence that is a part of the Yamaha DNA. The 3-cylinder, 2-stroke, 1,297cc fuel injected Yamaha Marine engine is unquestionably the ultimate form of the 2-stroke engine, and outfitted with a highly efficient catalytic converter, it achieves a high-level balance of power output and clean exhaust of the highest standard. The powerful engine of the 2008 GP1300R makes it feel as though it has an afterburner. The machine’s light weight at less than 655 lbs is another important asset of the GP1300R that enables you to enjoy the ultimate in sporty riding. Where the XL1200LTD is over 800 lbs and the FXR is 813 lbs. Delivered “AS IS” with Original Yamaha Cover Y.E.S. Warranty Expires 6/27/2013 This GP1300R had a Riva Racing Intake Grate and Pump Seal kit which reduces cavitation and improves acceleration. I also have many extra performance parts as options if someone wants to buy these high quality parts with this waverunner. The waverunner is faster by maybe 2 mph with the Jim’s ride plate, 77 mph on the Yamaha Speedometer. These are discounted 20% from what you can buy them on line. Famous R&D Jim’s Performance Ride Plate Available – List Price - $470 Sale Price - $400 Kept inside during the winter. Presently winterized and waiting for warmer weather. Please make me reasonable offers, this is a very nice and fast waverunner. Call Cell Phone (443) 306-1577 Actually the GP1300R has 34 hours when I winterized it this past fall. I always do better than recommended by using rv antifreeze and fogging the engine, and spray silicone on the metal parts. It is covered and sitting inside a cozy garage for the winter. Of course this ski has low hours because it is so fast. You cover a lot of ground, water LOL, so you do not waste a lot of time or hours like other slower Skis. Like when we ride to the restaurant at 60 mph it just doesn't take long to get there, plus it smooth ride going above 50 mph up to its top speed of over 70 on the speedo. This skis hull is the same design as the racing hull that set the world record. For the money you can't beat it. I spent considerable time breakn it incorrectly and I always let it warm up before I ride, plus it still has warranty till 6/2013.

---------------------PWC/WAVERUNNER PERFORMANCE PARTS FOR SALE -------------------------------

GP1300R/GP1200R Jim's Performance Ride Plate - $400 (List Price $470)

Riva RY11913 Pro-Series EFI Controller for Yamaha GP1300R $300

R&D 5 Degree Performance Nozzle for GP1300R/GP1200R $160

Swivewl Boarding Ladder - $100 Similar to the New Yamaha Jetskis hiding ladder

"D" Plate - $75 (Modded by Jim's Performance for GP1300R

Pro-Tec Nozzle - $75 Used GP1200R/ GP1300R

Call Cell Phone (443) 306-1577 for more information

---------------------TUNNEL/RACE BOATS FOR SALE -------------------------------

24 ft Allen Industries Tunnel Hull Project with True F-16 Quarter Canopies and new aluminum Trailer.
Fuel Tanks are already installed. Ready for the flooring and interior, then mount your power.
Really light fast performance tunnel hull once finished. $15000 for everything.
Call (443)306-1577

--------------------- FLIGHT INSTRUCTION -------------------------------

Flight Instructor - FLIGHT REVIEWS, CFI, CFII, Instrument Airplane, Seaplane Flight Instruction -VIRGINIA or MARYLAND- MARSHALL GILDERMASTER (443)306-1577 -

FLIGHT INSTRUCTION - INSTRUMENT - FLIGHT REVIEW - IPC - $60/hr for Instructor in Your Airplane, no solo rental available. TECHNICALLY ADVANCED INSTRUCTION with WAAS GPS Approaches using Garmin 530W and Aspen EFD Pro 1000 and Garmin MX-20 MFD

Airline Pilot Qualified Instructor has over 23,000 hours

Questions and Answers about Seaplanes

Where can you go to get your seaplane rating?
Maryland - Chesapeake Seaplanes
Maine - Twitchell's Seaplane Base
Florida - Ryan Aviation
Brown's Seaplane Base
Louisiana - Hammonds Air Service 985-872-1423
Virginia - Mars Aviation 443-306-1577

What does it cost to get your seaplane rating?
It costs between $995 to $3890 depending on the seaplane.

Can I rent a seaplane after I get my seaplane rating to stay current?

SES Seaplane Ratings: Aviation Adventures Mostly no, except Twitchell's Seaplane Base, Turner,

Since I can't rent a seaplane, what is my alternative to stay current?
Buy dual block seaplane time at the different seaplane schools or buy your own seaplanes.

What would be a good starter seaplane for less than $80,000? Maybe look in Canada for some seaplanes.

J-3 on Straight Floats
Aeronca Champ/Chief on Straight Floats
Citabria on Straight Floats
Aeronca Sedan on Straight Floats
Cessna 150 on Straight Floats

What would be a good starter seaplane for less than $165,000?
Tecnam Aircraft 92 Echo Super on Amphibian Floats
Flight Design CTLS on Czech 1300 LSA Straight Floats
Paradise LSA on Downwind Amphib Quad Floats
Cessna 172 on Straight Floats
Cessna 172XP on Straight Floats
Cessna 180 (1953-1957) on Straight Floats
Maule M5 on Straight Floats

What would be a good traveling seaplane for less than $280,000?
Aviat Husky A1B on Amphibian Floats
Columbia 400 on Carbon Fiber Amphibian Floats
Maule M7 on Amphibian Floats
CubCrafters Top Cub on Amphibian Floats
American Champion High Country Explorer on Amphibian Floats
Cessna 180 on Amphibian Floats
Cessna 185 on Amphibian Floats
Cessna 195 on Amphibian Floats
Republic RC3 SeaBee

What would be a good load hauling seaplane for $330,000 and up?
Cessna 185 on Amphibian Floats
Cessna 206 on Amphibian Floats
Expedition - Bushhawk-XP on Amphibian Floats
Aztec on Amphibian Floats
DeHaviland Beaver DHC-2 on Amphibian Floats
Dehaviland Otter DHC-3 on Amphibian Floats
Cessna 208 Caravan on Amphibian Floats
Maule M7-235 on Amphibian Floats
Lake LA250 Turbo Renegade
Grumman Wigeon
Grumman Goose
Grumman Mallard
Grumman Albatros HU-16
Dehaviland DHC-6 Twin Otter on Amphibian Floats
Republic UC-1 Twin Bee

Can you put any airplane on floats?
If the plane has a float kit on it already, it is easy to put the plane on floats. It takes about a day. If the plane does not have a float kit, you can buy and have a float kit installed on certain aircraft. If there is no float kit, your A&P mechanic can go thru the field approval process (AC 43-210 and FAA Notice 8300.119 and FAA Order 8300.10) to get the float installation approved.

Are there any new airplanes that would make good seaplanes in the certification phase?
Sportsman 2+2 on Clamar Amphibian Floats

Symphony 160 on Amphibian Floats
Extra EA400 or EA500 on Amphibian Floats
Partenavia 68B on Amphibian Floats
Piper 6X on Amphibian Floats

What are some of the best modifications to increase safety on seaplanes?
Sportsman STOL
Micro AeroDynamic Vortex Generators
Wing X Stol Conversion
Horton STOL
McCauley 3 Blade Black Max Propeller

Where can I buy certified seaplane floats?
Aerocet Floats
Baumann Floats
PK Floats
Wipaire Inc.
Mead FLOATS www.meadfloats

These are the major manufacturers of floats for certified seaplanes. All of these questions and answers are the research and opinion of Marshall Gildermaster, seaplane airline transport pilot and IA/A&P.

Where can I join a local organization in the Chesapeake Bay Area?
Join the following Seaplane Pilots Association.

Chesapeake Bay Seaplane Pilots Association (CBSPA)

For More Information Contact:Marshall Gildermaster

Membership Application (Word Document)


March 29, 2012 SUN N FUN Seaplane Splash-In Lake Agnes


CALL (443) 306-1577 If you want ot plan a local FLy-In in the Delaware, Virginia, N. Carolina or Maryland Splash-In

Seaplane Bases in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia

Essex Skypark SPB -W48--
Bay Bridge SPB -W29--
South River SPB -00B--
Harve De Grace SPB -M06--
Rehoboth Beach SPB
Wingfield SPB -MD01--
Annapolis SPB -01MD
Clements Creek SPB
Benedict Seaplane Base
Raintree Seaplane Base SPB -1C4--
Red Mill Pond Landing Area SPB

Essex Skypark SPB

Airport has been sold to Baltimore County. No Fuel and No Services. Info (410)252-5720

W48 --Essex SkyPark SPB- Shallow Sand Bar South of Witch Coat Point.

Essex SPB

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Bay Bridge SPB

Bay Bridge Airport

Bay Bridge(W29) Seaplane Ramp Lat. 38-58.662'N / Long.076-20.052'W

W29 -- The Seaplane Ramp at Bay Bridge is ready for seaplane use. It works best at the higher tide levels. It is 16 ft wide and works great at mid to high tide. At low tide there is not enough water to get to shore and use the ramp.
Call 123.00 UNICOM to get fuel. AWOS is 120.57
Be Very Cautious of landing in the Bay with Northerly and Westerly Winds. The bay gets very rough. Watch for crab pots when landing. Seaplane pull out can be arranged with prior notice by calling Safe Flight (410)643-7728.
To use the ramp at Bay Bridge, look for a tide level above 0.350 meters at the following website for Annapolis. Watch the orange line. Subtract 4 hours from GMT to get local time on chart. (ie: 12:00 GMT is 08:00 am) URL:

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South River SPB

South River SPB

00B --- Lat 38-54.88'N Long 076-30.28'W SPB has been sold to a new owner. SPB is Private Property. SPB license is still active. Storage may be available. Contact Omega Properties (410)353-4927 Mr. Demetri. Call before coming. Note: Do not land in Selby Bay by seaplane base. Plan on landing out in the South River. Be cautious for large boat waves in the river, especially on Sunday afternoon when all the boats are coming back to harbor for the night.

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Harve De Grace SPB

M06 --- Lat 39-32.49'N Long 076-04.18'W Located at the Mouth of the Scenic Susquehanna River.

NOTE: Noise Abatement - Climb Out Over The Water. Info (410)939-1498

Harve De Grace SPB

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Rehoboth Beach SPB

Private - Lat 38-39.68' N Long 075-05.92 W Located in Delaware

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Wingfield SPB

MD01 --- Lat 38-08.61'N Long 076-21.39'W Private - Flight Instructor Available. URL:

Wing Field SPB

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Annapolis SPB

Annapolis SPB

01MD --- Private Seaplane Base-on Mill Creek. Located inside the SFRA. PRIOR PERMISSION REQUIRED (410)757-4041, (410)320-0777

Mike Reisinger

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Clements Creek SPB

Private - Prior Permission Required (410)849-8486. Located on the beautiful Severn River.Located inside the ADIZ.

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Benedict Seaplane Base

Private - Prior Permission Required. Located inside of the SFRA. Located on the beautiful Patuxent River, but has good food. (Coordinates Lat.N38-30.2/Long.W076-40.8).

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Raintree Seaplane SPB

1C4 ---- Lat 39-34.15'N Long 075-50.86'W Marina Contact (410)398-6600. If you need fuel, call (410)398-0234, but bring cans. River works best at high tide. There are really no facilities right now at the seaplane base, and the marina has lots of piling around, so be careful.

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Red Mill Pond Landing Area SPB

Private - Located in Delaware (302)645-5627 Please respect local home owners. Also, no touch and go's.

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LIGHT HOUSES: Wye River Light House

Wye River Lighthouse



- Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland Invites Seaplanes to Lake, NOTE: Permission must be requested from Paul Durham, Park Manager (301) 387-4111.
Silver Tree Inn Lakefront Dining (301)387-4040


CHESTER RIVER - OLD Wharf Inn - Call (410)778-3566
CHOPTANK RIVER - Suicide Bridge Restaurant -- Parking is limited on a very small beach behind the Paddle Wheeler

Suicide Bridge Restaurant,MD Lat. 38.37.902'N /Long. 075.56.914'W

.....New York
SARRASIN'S On The Lake, located on Keuka Lane, one of the Finger Lakes in New York (315)536-9494 Lat. 42-38.88'N Long. 077-03.93'W Located right by Penn Yan, New York (PEO)

TIM'S II at Fairview Beach (King George County, VA) Lat. 38-19.97'N/Long. 077-14.82'W (540) 775-7500

TIM'S RIVERSHORE (Dumfries, VA) Lat. 38-34.12N/Long. 077-15.56W (703)441-1375

LAKE CHESDIN RESTAURANT North of Petersburg, VA Lat. 37-13' 41"N/ Long. W077-31' 42"
Park to right between restaurant and boat ramp.

DOCKSIDE RESTAURANT-700 Jordan Point Rd, Hopewell, VA 23860 (804)541-2600 Lat. 27-18' 15"N/ Long. 077-13' 28" www.//


Returning from Canada stop at IRONDEQUOIT BAY Lat. 43-10.72'N/Long. 077-31.32' W. Located just east of Rochester, New York (ROC). Seaplane ramp is on south shore of lake by marina. Be sure to call 2 hrs ahead to for prior notification to customs (585)263-6294.
Southpoint Marina (585) 288-0720 (April 15th - October 15th)

NOTES OF SAFETY : Bay Bridge Overpass HWY 50, DO NOT FLY Under The Bridge

NOTICE: Check the FAA Website for breaking news about the SFRA around the Baltimore Class B Airspace. The SFRA is actually a little larger that the original Class B Airspace on the south side of Washington, D.C.

Seaplane Projects: Any Seaplanes Getting Ready for Next Year.

---------------------AMPHIBIAN FLOATS/ STRAIGHT FLOATS FOR SALE -------------------------------

Wipaire 3730 Amphibian Floats on Cessna 185 - 24v REDUCED $35,000 Located Fresh Water Classified (443)306-1577

Commercial Seaplane Operations (ie:Sightseeing, Flight Instruction (443)306-1577 Cessna 185 Amphibian $300/hr, TAA Advanced Aircraft, no solo rental. BFR, IPC, Wings Programs Available.

Martin State Seaplane Ramp

Martin State Airport Manager has been contacted for permission to use the old Martin State Seaplane Ramp, but right now the ramp is fenced off from the river. Can maybe get 100 LL if you call ahead. You also shoot the ILS to the southeast and circle to land in the water with 1 mile visibility under Special VFR.

Destination :
Waterfront Bed-N-Breakfast (To Be Added)

---------------------HYDROPLANES/RACE BOATS FOR SALE -------------------------------

---------------------HYDROPLANE RACE BOAT SETUPS -------------------------------

CLASS - 2.5 Liter Stock Inboard Hydroplane - APBA Rules
MAKE - Jones Composite Hydroplanes Wood and Composite
LENGTH - 16 ft Width - 9 ft 3 inches
ENGINE - FORD 2.3 Liter Stock
CAPSULE - Composite



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